Razer Mouse Middle Click Failure

While working on CAD for a update to the Tronxy P802M 3D printer I lost the ability to navigate FreeCAD using the middle mouse button. This was disruptive to my productivity and I have spent a considerable amount of time tracking down the problem. My first thought with anything computer related is software so I […]

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Keithley 17x USB Adapter

The following device is used to connect the Keithley 177 and 179 digital multimeter to the PC. The USB Adapter is a serial COM port enabling the user to use simple serial terminal programs to read data from the Keithley multimeter. The device fully isolates the PC from the multimeter through optoisolators and has no impact on the meters performance. The Keithley 17x USB Adapter is a simple device for connecting two great multimeters to the PC to further increase their value to hobbyists by enabling data logging.

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