Razer Mouse Middle Click Failure

While working on CAD for a update to the Tronxy P802M 3D printer I lost the ability to navigate FreeCAD using the middle mouse button. This was disruptive to my productivity and I have spent a considerable amount of time tracking down the problem. My first thought with anything computer related is software so I went searching for forum posts with no luck. Next I though it had to do with a system update maybe breaking FreeCAD in some way so I reinstalled FreeCAD which for Arch Linux requires recompiling it. The middle mouse button still didn’t work so I then started tracking down Razer specific drivers for Arch Linux and before I went down that rabbit hole I finally though to check the hardware. Plugging it into my Windows 10 laptop confirmed that it was a hardware issue so after digging in my junk bin for a replacement switch I came away with a working mouse. Goes to show that my normal course of troubleshooting for computer issues will sometimes blind me to things I would have normally checked when repairing a piece of hardware. I should have suspected a hardware issue earlier and I would have saved a lot of time. Come to think of it the mouse I use as work might have a similar intermittent button failure but I always wrote it off as the computer being slow.

Replacement switch installed, failed switch is on the left.

One thought on “Razer Mouse Middle Click Failure

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