ZMR250 Quadcopter Modifications – Landing Skids

I recently built a quadcopter using the low cost ZMR250 frame. There are a few things I would like to tweak or add to this quadcopter and I have decided to start with the landing skids or lack thereof. The frame comes with fiberglass triangles that are made to install on the prop arms and act as a landing gear but they looked flimsy so I excluded them from the original build. I have taken this quadcopter on a few flights without any landing skids and it is capable of taking off and landing without them, a landing gear or skid is completely unnecessary for flight. I still wanted to install something on the underside for it to land on and to be a consumable piece in the event of a hard landing so I opened up Autodesk Fusion 360 and in a few minutes had modeled the landing skid. The file can be downloaded here:

ZMR250 Skid

The skid is designed to mount onto the frame using the bolts that hold on the prop arms. This way I don’t have to add extra weight to mount them and at the same time I can protect the bolts and nuts from hard landings. I designed the skids with enough clearance to fit my 5.5mm nut driver and to extend beyond the bolts a few millimeters. Installation was quick and easy I am am happy with the results. This was a quick and fun modification and I look forward to adding more modifications to improve my ZMR250 build.

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