Key Box Birdhouse

I was asked to make a Birdhouse to hide a Master-Lock 5401D Lock Box and I was free to go in my own direction for style. I started by searching online to see if there was anything similar already done but came up short. For inspiration I did a search for birdhouses on Thingiverse and I really liked the look of the Swedish Birdhouse by PurchenZuPoden. My design borrows some of that style.

All parts are printed without supports. I used the 0.2mm Quality setting in PrusaSlicer. The main body is printed in Greyhound Indigo PLA, the roof is Jessie Marble PLA, the white trim is Prusament White PLA, and the black is Jessie X Black PLA.

The following hardware was used in assembly:

I used super glue to set the magnets and to attach the trim to the front of the house. A little drop will do and reduces the chance of over spill causing white stains of the surrounding plastic.

Files for 3D printing this can be found on Thingiverse and Prusa Printers.

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