DPS5015 Power Supply Enclosure

dps5015 3d model

I designed a printable enclosure for my DPS5015 power supply. The case is a tight fit but results in a nice compact unit with minimal footprint. An external DC power supply is needed, I plan to use my large Sorensen 150V linear power supply for this.

As with most of my designs the first iteration leaves room for improvement. As stated above it is a tight fit getting everything inside the case, a few millimeters on each side of the case and front binding posts would help with that. The top vents printed well and look nice but the side vents did not do so well. Since they are so thin there were vibrations during printing that resulted in poor surface finish. I would try to open the slots up maybe a millimeter or so and also adjust to spacing for more support between slots while printing. It may also be useful to limit the height of the slots, I don’t think I need them so long but I have not tested the thermal performance so I do not know if there is enough airflow to keep everything at a reasonable operating temperature. As printed it works for my uses right now, no need for it to look perfect and any future prints will be to fix other issues I may find.

I have posted the files on thingiverse for anyone interested. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2406152

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