Breakout the MSOP16

LTC2946 Breakout
LTC2946 soldered onto the breakout board

A few weeks ago I received an email from LT that was showcasing the LTC2946, a power monitoring IC that communicates using I2C. I was intrigued and ordered a couple, part number LTC2946CMS#PBF. This is the MSOP-16 package and I would need a breakout board so that I could play around with this chip on a breadboard and explore all of its functions. I looked at my normal sources for electronic goodies; Adafruit and Sparkfun had MSOP break out boards but they were all low pin count. I was able to find another source for a MSOP-16 breakout board but at ~$7 a piece plus shipping I knew I could have my own made much cheaper. On to KICAD.

The schematic and PCB was super easy. I made my own symbol and footprint following the datasheet specs. For the PCB layout I just had to make sure to change the track width from the default size to 6mills. This could be a little larger, maybe if I need to make a V2. I have uploaded the files here:



Then it was just as easy as uploading the files to OSHPark and ordering the PCBs. I have shared the project for anyone who would like to order their own, MSOP16 Breakout Board. With their small size, 0.64 x 0.84 inches, they come to $2.70 for a set of three. I ordered 6 so I will have spares. Now to wait….

After 12 days the boards were delivered to me and they looked great. I got out my soldering iron, some header strips from the junk bin and my LTC2946. (Remember that chip? That is what started this whole project) Soldering a MSOP IC was, to put it kindly, less then fun. Since I had only one to solder it was more then doable but still took me a good 10 minutes. I will have to look into getting a stencil made for this chip and solder paste if I plan to use this IC in any projects. It turned out great in the end and I didn’t do too bad of a job soldering up that tiny package, yay for good eyesight. I will be posting more about the LTC2946 once I get it hooked up and communicating with the Arduino Uno in the near future.

Holding the breakout board
Size comparision

2 thoughts on “Breakout the MSOP16

  1. I’ve been searching for this for the LTC6820 MSOP16 chip. It’s for distant SPI connections. Quite tiny indeed! Do you sell these boards? If not, would you be able to let me know how I could I get a couple?

    Thanks in advance,


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